About Arihant Creations

Arihant Creation is India's Best Ladies Kurti Manufacturer & Wholesaler in Jaipur. We have wide kurti categories like: Designer Kurtis, Straight Kurtis, Cotton Kurtis, Jaipuri Kurti, Short Kurtis, Long Gowns, Jacket Kurtis, Ladies Pants, Plazo, Dupatta for Formal, Casual & Party Wear.

We are very well known manufacturer & wholesaler of Famous Jaipuri Kurtis, Sanganeri Print Kurtis, Ethinic Kurtis, Cotton Kurtis, Designer Kurtis, Printed Kurtis for which jaipur is famous. Jaipur is famous all over world for its attractive design, patterns & work on Kurtis. We are also famous for Block print & Embroidery Kurtis, which is one of identifications of Jaipur Kurtis.

We manufacturer a complete ladies kurti sets, which includes Kurtis, Pants, Plazo, Skirts, Dupatta for any occassions & any place. We have a wide range of collections in Pants, Plazo & skirts which can be wear on Kurtis, Tops & shirts according to events.Our Lahariya style Kurtis & Dupaata makes a Rajasthani Colorfull pleasant appearance to our customers. This full kurti sets gives customer a complete solution at a single store.

We have large number of wholesaler, distributor & retailers all over india to whom we supplies Ladies Kurti, Pants, Skirts, Plazo, Dupatta frequently. Our different styles of kurtis are prefered in different states according to their chioces.


Arihant creation is focus on quality of its kurtis. Quality is most important factor to which we follow most. Quality includes several factors like clothes quality, print quality, stitching quality, thread quality, interlock quality. We are sincere on each of these quality equally, which makes our kurtis best in india in terms of quality. A good quality kurtis stock dont consumes high inventory, it sells frequently.

We are able to manufacturer a large order size also as desired by wholesalers, distributors, retailers, offices, schools, colleges, factories, security services. We have a large production house, which can fulfill a big size order on time with quality. We works for many offices, factories which gives us order to manufacturers kurtis in their customised way that gives their staff a unique identity by embroidery holograms of their Logo or Company Names.

We have a good distribtion network all over india, which is enable to distribute our kurtis even in a single day across the india. We distribute kurtis from courier services to logistics services acoording to the size of the order. We can deliver kurtis over bus, train or air cargo services all over india. Our fast & timely delivery helps our wholesalers to get their kurtis deliver on time.

Why Choose Arihant Creations?

Latest Design & Pattern

People want to wear unique, which is not copied. We have latest Designs & Patterns, which looks different than others in office, party & weddings. It is easy to you to sell latest designs, which increases your profit.

Wide Range of Patterns

Customer want wide range of kurtis to select their best choice. If you have wide range of Patters, Your customer would prefer you that other retailers. You can get this wide range at us, which definitely increase sales.

Good Transportation

We have good transportation services, which delivers you your courier on time & totally undamaged, which helps you to maintain stock & reduce requirement of large inventory.

Quotes By Western Girl

“I was a girl Who use to wearing shorts, I dont know why But i consider them hot;
Then one day I dressed up in an Indian Style, I wore a Kurti with a beautiful smile;
That day everybody said I love seeing you in this attire, And after that i only wore thatAnd put all other clothes in fire. ”